Here are a list of questions that have been Submited by previous guests.


Villa Security

The Villa has a Security Alarm on doors and PIR, this can be used by the guests and can be turned on at night on the doors only so guests can still wander from room to room. There are also Security Cameras around the outsideof the villa. They are pointing towards the boundary of the villa and do not point towards are areas the guests will be using. These cameras are not on whilst the alarm is off.

The Pool

The Pool is 26tf Long by 12ft Wide. The depth is 4ft to 5ft 5in

Can you tell us where the nearest grocery store is located?

The local grocery store is located in the centre of Holetown and is open from 8am - 8pm weeks days and then 8am - 4pm Sat / 9am - 2pm Sun. You will see the "West Coast mall" on t his link below + the medical centre (I hope you don't need this but just in case) it is open 24+7.

Are the electrical plugs in the home similar to the US?

Yes US plugs are standard in the Villa, we do have some US to UK plug converters but it is also worth bringing your own. 

Is there Satalite TV in the Villa

Yes, there is a a multi choice TV system with a 42" HD flat screen TV with DVD player. The DVD player is Region 1 ( United States,Canada ). There is a DVD rental store in Holetown in you need to use it. The TV also have sockets allowing use (With correct cable ) to play moved from Iphone / Ipad or PC.

Sockets and Power

Sockets in the villa are US style 2 flat pins. power is 110v